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Easy Card x Easy Wallet

We set an anchor for the EasyCard ‘s strategy, reshape the brand image with a branding video, and plan a full marketing strategy for the new electronic payment product “Easy Wallet”.


As a late mover in Taiwan e-payment market which has significant numbers of existing competitors, how to build a different image and establish strong footholds in the market is our core mission.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Art Direction, Social Post, Poster Design

  • Client

    Easy Card Corporation

Open Project

One-card, one payment method: Taking cash-free living one step further.

The brand’s absolute advantage is its 20 years of user satisfaction, and existing EasyCard users have an extremely high degree of stickiness. We target EasyCard users as our focal viewers, and take advantage of people’s long-term use and trust in EasyCard, making it easy to clearly differentiate Easy Wallet from other e-payment methods. With a key message of “One-card, one payment method: Taking cash-free living one step further,” the video conveys that the complementary card and payment method provide even more possibilities in life, while making consumers want to choose Easy Wallet as their first choice in electronic payments.

Easy Card Branding Video
Easy Card Branding Video

Life can still be full of boundless possibilities.

To give viewers a memorable impression of the “Easy Wallet” e-payment service, the promotional video cleverly uses a one-shot scene and imaginative style to present snippets of everyday life, while also employing copy that arouses viewers’ curiosity by asking and answering its own questions. Practical applications of “one card and one payment method” are linked with use situations in everyday life, which conveys that you can obtain value-added services when you use Easy Wallet in your card-reader transactions. Viewers will realize that even when they don’t bring their purse or wallet, “life can still be full of boundless possibilities.”

Easy Wallet Product Video
Easy Wallet Product Video

When you don’t bring your wallet, who will pay: Easy Wallet.

As its ending, the video strongly communicates the message: “When you don’t bring your wallet, who will pay: Easy Wallet.” This strengthens the video’s consistency, and reminds viewers of the video’s main point: “convenience of Easy Wallet service.” Communication of the main message through various channels, including social media platforms, audiovisual platforms, taxi TV advertisements, and Metro TV walls, has strengthened awareness that Easy Wallet is the optimal choice in e-payment methods for EasyCard users.


A series of promotional materials

Together with promotion via the video, “One-card, one payment method: Taking cash-free living one step further” is linked with a series of promotional materials, which use the highly identifiable four-color EasyCard patch. The colors evoke the brand connection, and they are paired with various role-linked consumer objects. Simultaneous online and offline communication ensure awareness that Easy Wallet has a completely different image from that of other competing products.


This has successfully established a new-era image, and showed consumers a glimpse of the next era.

On the day it first became available, Easy Wallet had 30,000 downloads, and soared to 6th place in the App Store. To date, there have been over 1.6 million downloads. The video has been shared via online media, which has provided lots of free media exposure. It has been browsed more than 6 million times, and users have interacted with it over 250,000 times. The official product website has been visited by over 500,000 users, and time spent at the website is close to 2 minutes, allowing consumers to gain a further understanding of the product. This has successfully established a new-era image, and showed consumers a glimpse of the next era.


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