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梅子黃時雨 Méi Zǐ Huáng Shí Yǔ

Méi Zǐ Huáng Shí Yǔ is the name of the brand. It is taken from the poem “Sapphire Case” by Xin Qiji, hoping to bring out a kind of imagery. After the midsummer and when the autumn is approaching, next to the plum blossom made of white petals, a flower grows. A yellow-yellow-green green plum fills the air in Xiaolin Village, Jiaxian District with a faint fragrance, just like a heavy rain in early spring refreshing the earth, to let consumers also feel the initial touch of Xiaolin Village.


In the design, the dots drawn by watercolor are used as the image of plums. The random dots are like the rain sprinkled when the plums are ripe, and at the same time, the earth is fresh, just like the sweet and sour feeling of the plums.

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